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Dream Torque

The first dream I can remember as a child is that I wanted to be a farmer. I dreamed of having a farm and a tractor – that is it – just a farm, and a tractor. There were no specifications as to where this farm might be, how big it would be, what I would grow on the farm, and if there would be any livestock.

There were other dreams as well further along the way. At some stage, I dreamed about becoming a “hot shot” lawyer. A few years later, I contemplated how I would fare as an actor. I’m relieved to say that I did not stage that idea for too long. In my final year of school, I fantasized about becoming a game ranger, and was quite content at the thought of spending the rest of my life protecting endangered species in the African bush. Alas, when the time finally arrived for me to make a call on my career path, I procrastinated further by opting to sign-up for a two-year army service stint (which was compulsory at the time for those not pursuing tertiary studies).

Needless to say, I am still dreaming, and choosing which of these dreams to pursue and manifest. One of my most recent one’s being my venturing out on my own to run my own business.

I believe dreams unlock imagination. I also believe that it drives our passion and can thus give rise to realistic plans, if intentionally channeled properly.

Perspective and sufficient distance over time, allows me the opportunity to look back and see that in all of my dreams, I was ultimately looking for a space that would encapsulate experiences of growth, balance, creativity, protecting resources and a sense of purpose. And when combined together, would bring me to a place of daily fulfillment in my chosen career path.

Some people argue that passion drives talent and others say that talent facilitates a platform for passion.

Something that I was always aware of, as a child, was that I had a natural talent to make numbers gel. I was no whizz-kid, nor a mathematical genius. I merely found ways to look at numerical (and later on, financial) problems from different angles, and so developed skills to build models to look at different scenarios to arrive at the best possible outcome/s.

This then brings me to the question of where I am today?

If each of us is the artist of our own destiny in life, and imagination the vessel through which we channel this potential, then numbers have become my paintbrush, through which I express my work into each day.

My current canvas looks at cultivating a value-adding service as a cost accountant and business analyst for businesses.

I love to help business owners’, managers and entrepreneurs (from all walks of industries) achieve confidence in their financial and pricing strategies and help them to find more profitable solutions – so that they too can bring their own canvases to life.

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