Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is the most valuable tool to reduce and eliminate costs in a business.

Getting it wrong and your business can spiral out of control. Getting it right and you’ll move much closer the ultimate Return on Investment.

To be on top of your costings and identifying true product costs translates to high levels of confidence in numbers and the knowledge of how each product contributes to your bottom line.

Cost accounting is also a major tool to determine the correct pricing. It paves  the way towards profitable discount strategies and promotion on income streams. It will move you closer to the position of a price-maker and not a price-taker.

Many accountants might tell you that cost accounting is a very difficult accounting discipline.

They might say that costing is the understanding and articulating of the constant flow of information about your business units and the timely action on business signals to help efficient resource allocation in line with business goals….Which might be right.

However, I like to think of costing as knowing your market, know your suppliers, know your systems and know your team. Cost accounting can be as simple as counting from one to ten.

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