My name is Johan Czanik

I love working with entrepreneurs and business managers on growth strategies and innovative ideas for profitable solutions and better Return on Investment (ROI).

I am a Certified Practising Accountant and have degrees in Business Economics and Marketing.

I believe that my management accounting skills are enhanced by my depth of experience and knowledge in the area of product and service costing. This specialty enables me to identify methods and nuanced ways to improve efficiencies and implement cost monitoring and modelling.

My background in marketing also gives an unique overview  and appreciation of the broader integration of business functions. I have experience in various fields including finance, banking, media, wine & viticulture, manufacturing and retail. I worked with private and public companies but I specialise in smaller and medium size companies. The disciplines and practises used, equips me to apply to any business.

My story

As a kid I dreamed to be a farmer and owning my own a farm and a tractor one day.

As I got older I my dreams changed to become a  lawyer and I even went as far as to change some junior high school subjects to Latin studies.

Later on I want to become an actor but I did not stage that idea for very long.

At the end of my school years my dreams switched again to be a game ranger and I felt  content with the thought spending the rest of my life protecting endangered species in the African bush.

Alas, when the time finally arrived for me to make a call on my career path, I procrastinated further and joined the military for two years.

At last I hit a breakthrough on my life’s vision during my army stint while spending many lonely sunsets over the rugged beauty of northern Namibia.

I became aware that I always had a natural talent to make numbers gel. I was no whizz-kid, nor mathematical genius. I merely found ways to look at money and number problems from different angles and found scenarios to arrive at the best possible outcomes.

That is when I told myself: “I will go to Uni and study business and one day I’ll help people like me to build their businesses and become the best they can be”.

I believe dreams unlock imagination. I also believe that it drives our passion and can thus give rise to realistic plans.

The time in the army allowed me to look back and see that in all of my dreams, I was ultimately looking for a space that would encapsulate growth, balance, creativity, giving protection and a sense of purpose. Combining them together brought me to a place of daily fulfillment in my chosen career path.

If each of us is the artist of our own destiny in life, and imagination the vessel through which we channel this potential, then numbers became my paintbrush, through which I express my work into each day.