Welcome to Czanik Consulting.

About me

Johan Czanik

My name is Johan Czanik.

I’ve been working with businesses for over 25 years helping them increasing their profits by effective business and finance management, decreasing expenses and increasing efficiencies.

I believe that there is power in clarity so if you need me to help you getting clarity on your numbers (Past, Present & Future) give me a call or drop me a mail.

How May I Help You?

I believe dreams unlock imagination. I also believe that it drives our passion and can thus give rise to realistic plans.



Cost accounting is the most valuable tool to reduce and eliminate costs in a business.


Financial Modelling

My definition of a Financial model is a business projection where the performance of an industry.


Business Coaching

Business Coaching definitely has the ability to transform your business and steering it into a dimension of ultimate ROI.



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