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5 Steps To Better Business Analysis

Business analysis helps to assess the processes and systems of your individual business units, but "better business analysis" goes further to show how they interact with each other and how they align with the overall strategic direction of your business. A skilled...

Welcome to Numbers Torque

This is where I will be sharing short articles across a range of topics all related to business analysis and cost accounting. I hope you will find them helpful and I will encourage you to apply any insights I share to your business either independently or with my...

About Johan Czanik

Johan Czanik has been described as a forward-thinking and hands-on Cost Accountant and Business Analyst, and he is ready to advise you on growth strategies and profitability solutions.

From the banking industry in South Africa, to the viticulture industry in Australia, Johan has deep roots in accounting and business and can draw upon his diverse experience to add value to your enterprise.

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